Learn more about controllers in Caesar.


In Caesar, a controller is a struct that wraps HTTP handlers. Controllers are used to group related handlers together and to provide a way to share common functionality across multiple handlers.

Creating a controller

To create a controller, you can type the following command in your terminal:

caesar make:controller customers

This command will create a new controller file in the app/controllers directory of your app, as well as registering the controller in the config/app.go file.

// app/controllers/customers_controller.go
package controllers

// Uncomment the following import statement once you implement your first controller method.
// import (
// 	caesar ""
// )

type CustomersController struct {
	// Define dependencies here

func NewCustomersController() *CustomersController {
	return &CustomersController{
		// Inject dependencies here (like repositories, services, etc.)

// Define controller methods here
// func (c *CustomersController) Index(ctx *caesar.CaesarCtx) error {
// 	// Implement the controller method here

// 	return nil
// }